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Bees : Pesticides & GMO = No Future!

  • Bees have been on Earth for 100 million years: they were already living at the time of dinosaurs!
  • The only insect which produces its own food that is edible by humans: honey!
  • The only insect which has been tamed for the purposes of food and agricultural production.
  • The weight of a bee is 0,10 g. A bee brings back to the hive about 0,05g of nectar (i.e. 50 % of its weight) per journey.
  • Approximatly 20 journeys a day; 1kg of honey represents 50000 journeys, that is practically 40 000 km, i.e. a trip around the Earth!
  • 80 % of the botanical species (among them cultures, which feed humanity) need bees to be fertilised. Without bees, no pollination, and thus practically no fruits, or vegetables.
  • Despite of the partial European ban on 3 neonicotinoïdes substances, their use in volume has increased by 31 % between 2013 and 2014! A very serious and disconcerting increase. Source: UNAF.

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