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Newsletter N°9

Dear Members and Friends,

Our biosphere’s soil has long been considered to be inert. For more than a century, men have only abuse it more and more. The destruction of environment is one of the consequences of soil destruction. However, we are totally dependent of this substance which is actually very much alive.

We invite you to discover the fauna that composes it and the sustainable model of nature. About our agriculture, a quick overview shows us this has got to change, but how soon?

Then we will move to Egypt : a female dugong was found dead last November. In France, wolf hunting is allowed again for political reasons.

Nevertheless, here is some good news: a mining exploration project was halted in Kyrgyzstan so that the snow leopard’s territory could be enlarged. In Australia, Areva failed to obtain a mine located on the Kakadu National Park, despite very questionable manoeuvres ...

Finally, you will find some dates in our calendar for March and April 2013 and for our pink “notebook” we have a young spotted hyena. This fascinating animal is still suffering from the bad reputation we have cooked up for it.

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