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Newsletter N°9


Saturday 23/03/13 :60 min for the Earth

: Earth Hour Switch off your lights between 8 :30 pm et 9 :30pm !

Saturday 30/03 to 13/04/13 : Cires botaniques

by Louis Torhout, Mairie du 6° - Salon David-d’Angers - free entrance – Monday to Friday : from 10:30am to 7pm, Thursday until 7pm and Saturday from 10am to 12am.
Passionate about natural sciences, L. Torhout creates wax models more real than life. The vegetable world is his domain.

Tuesday 9/04/2013 at 8pm: Screening of the documentary “The last village” by Qiu Xiaojun

Cope with desertification, it is the fight or flight ...

Friday 31/05/2013 at 8pm : Screening of the documentary «Heavy Metal» by Jin Huaqing

An army of green soldiers dismantle metalic scrap, often at a high risk.
Place of projection : Espace Beaujon
208 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris, métro Ternes. Entrance:5€.
Information & booking: 01 43 59 26 79 or at festivals ictv-solferino.com


Young spotted hyena...curiosity?
Young spotted hyena...curiosity?
© M. Dupuis

Spotted hyena, also called Crocuta crocuta , has a bad reputation. Maybe its “sneer” has something to do with it? It is not the only cry of his repertoire. Or the fear this intelligent animal, living in a complex social group, inspires in us ? It comes from a matriarchal society: females are dominant and the hierarchical rank is passed from mother to daughter. Living mainly in the African savannah, the population has decreased with no protection status yet.

Young spotted hyena...mistrust?
Young spotted hyena...mistrust?
© M. Dupuis

The female has an average litter of two, born after one hundred days of gestation. When they are a few months old, they join a common burrow, where they remain until they are weaned at 15 months. But if adults are feared, watch this small looking very cute...
Whether curious or distrustful, let us hope that the young will be able to travel freely in the savannah for a long time still...

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