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Newsletter n°6

Dear Members and friends,

For this November 2011 edition, we will talk about forests. An evaluation report was just published by the UN. The Office National des Forêts is supposed to sell more wood to become more “profitable”. The WWF is ringing an alarm for New Caledonia. According to the NGO, it is our planet’s most endangered tropical ecosystem.
International news bring us to Russia. The Vavilov Institute, where unique collections of 320,000 plant species are kept, is in danger because of promoters. In Great Britain, seals are victims of noise generated by human activity. China, after damming the 3 gorges in 2006, has decided to bring fish back into the Yangtze.
Finally, our agenda will remind us of the Shark Alliance’s actions and a recent decision made by the hotel group Peninsula. Then we’ll conclude with our carnet rose.

Happy Reading!


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