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Newsletter n°11 - March 2014

Dear Members and Friends,

After the soil microbiology and the danger that nitrogenous fertilizers represent to the faune living in our soils and that is necessary to the good health our lands, it seemed good to remind the origin of nitrogenous fertilizers that are nowadays poisoning our lands and seas. Indeed, the so-called fertilizers come from the “death industry” ... And they are responsible for the accelerated phenomenon of eutrophication.

Once more we feel concerned about our oceans. There is evidence now that overfishing is responsible for the proliferation of jellyfish. Are we going soon to enjoy some jellyfish sashimi?
In Mozambique an excessive déforestation ruins the country.
In Iran, a récent study on Asian cheetahs leaves little hope for this fragile animal.
Finally, you will find in our agenda a date for the International Forest Day and the photographes’ exhibition “Latitudes animales 2014” and, of course, our pink book with the Black-backed jackal.

Enjoy your reading!

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