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Wildlife accounts for less than 4% of mammals

Did you know?

  • Animals represent less than 0.4% of the total biomass of living organisms on Earth. Biomass refers to the total quantity (mass) of living organisms on Earth. These figures include bacteria (just over 12.8% of live time), plants (just over 82.5%), fungi (2.20%).
  • Wild mammals represent only 4% of the terrestrial mammal biomass, while humans represent 36% and cattle 60%!
  • Isn’t that something to think about? Our present economic system is based on the globalization of trade for an ever greater production of beef, fed with cereals produced in an industrial way, which generates deforestation, the use of violent and naturocidal chemical inputs. But all this increases financial exchanges and makes MONEY!
    Agro-industrial lobbies lead the world we live in, supported by the pharmaceutical lobbies that prefer us sick rather than healthy. And all this kills the biodiversity we need to live. It’s up to you to see what you choose. NOW.

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