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Plastic is catastrophic!

12 000 per litre of water
The number of microparticles per litre of water that researchers found when melting ice samples from the Arctic region. 17 kinds of plastics were trapped in ice.
10 tonnes produced per second
This is the amount of plastic produced every second in the world. Since 1950, 6.3 billion plastic wastes have accumulated on the planet.
1 million plastic bottles sold per minute
In France, only 56% of the plastic bottles are recycled. In Germany, for example, they recycle 90% of plastic bottles..
1000 years to decompose
A plastic bottle takes between 100 and 1000 years to decompose. For a plastic bag, it takes 400 years.
1,6 million km²
It is the size of the 7sup>e/sup> continent made of plastic, which floats between Hawaii and California, for an area equal to three times France. Some 1,800 billion pieces of plastic, weighing a total of 80,000 tonnes, would be there.
99% of seabirds contaminated by 2050
This is the proportion of seabirds that will have already ingested plastic by 2050. In the early 1960s, only 5% were affected by this scourge.

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