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FRANCE kills its wolves and mistreats its sheep

  • French livestock of sheep : 7,2 million animals in 2014 for 78840 sheep farms.
  • Size of sheep farms in France: from 500 to 3000 sheeps !
  • In 2014, 840 000 sheeps sent to the knackery by the breeders.
  • 9000 sheep killed / year whose death is imputer to the wolf (that allows the payment of governmental subsidies).
  • Wolves’ estimated population at 2016/3/31: 236 since its natural come back in 1992
  • 36 wolves : the “ceiling” or the maximum number of wolves that can be shot down in France for the current year (July, 2015-June 2016) fixed by a ministerial decree of S Royal without any scientific reason.
  • Already 46 wolves died in France since July, 2015: 35 killed by hunters, 2 poached, 6 killed “in a accidental way”, 1 not clarified case of mortality, 2 cases of possibly natural mortality. These are official figures, maybe more wolves have been poached/killed.

Nevertheless the wolf is a protected species in Europe and in France. It means that France has to preserve the species and its habitats. It is not the case. Then the wolf, an easy scapegoat of a severely affected sector ?
You cannot bring down a fever by breaking the thermometer!

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