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2700 litres of water for 1 T-shirt : should I really buy it ?

For all of us, and also people who support NGO for Environment protection, don’t forget that :

  1. 1 T-shirt = 100 g of pesticides,
  2. 1 T-shirt = 300g of cotton yarn that need 1.3 kilos of cotton fiber, i.e. 28 cotton bush trees ans 14 m² of lanscape,
  3. 1 T-shirt = 2700 liters of water, i.e. 18 bathtubs full of water,
  4. 1 T-shirt is travelling from the producing country to the different countries that are going to spin the cotton, then to knit or weave it, then comes the stage of “ennoblement of the cotton” with 7 000 chemical components ...
  5. 1 white T-shirt is not “naturally” white : it was been cleared with some hydrogen peroxide, some hydrochloric acid or some peroxide of hydrogen. And the dyes used for most part of our clothes contain heavy metals and bring in solvents.
  6. 60 millions people live on cotton production in India : although India prohibits the work of children, children work for 2 months in cotton fields up to 12 hours a day, at 35°C, without a protecting mask nor gloves.
  7. 22000 people die each year from cotton intoxication.
  8. Main producing countries are USA, China, India, Ouzbekistan (i.e.ARAL SEA : a phasing out in 50 years)
  9. Cotton production is the the 3rd most important water-consuming production in the world, even after truck farming.
    Then, do you really need this T-shir, even if buying it helps to support a cause and it is produced from an ecological sector ? It’s up to you and to choose, and to face up to your responsibilities.
    Source : https://www.muudana.com/fabrication-tshirt-coton/

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