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Newsletter n°14 - April 2016


April 15th, 2016: launch of our Association Tendua You Tube channel!

As decided end of 2015, we have launched our You Tube channel « Association Tendua» to show the nature in all its ways thanks to your videos. We need your contributions, so use your GoPro and cameras and send us you videos! Thanks in advance!

In May, we prepare the next session of volunteers for cetaceans on Reunion island!

Our partnership with the diving club “le Dodo palmé” is renewed for the next season that, hopefully, will welcome the humpback whales !
You can consulte our article on line on tendua.org :
The artists-whales of Indian Ocean

Selling of wonderful pictures of Nature from our exhibition «Beautés naturelles

After the exhibition in Paris last November, there are still magnificent pictures to buy. Authors: professional photographs as Frédéric Buyle, Michel et Christine Denis-Huot, Yves Lefèvre, Vincent Munier et Alain Pons.

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 Cover of the Comics on sharks
Cover of the Comics on sharks

Publication of a comic on sharks by Bernard Séret

In the collection « la petite bédéthèque des savoirs » the new comic on sharks called «Les requins».
Two experts wrote and designed a vulgarisation scientific comic on sharks. Very interesting, well documented, wonderful illustrations. In French (for the moment!).
Authors: Bernard Séret and Julien Solé.
Price (advised) : 10€

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