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Newsletter n°3


TENDUA has renewed its support to SVAA and to Noé Conservation for 2010, and gets ready to renew its support to the program for the Amur panther.

End of January, 2010

Pallas’s cat or Manul
Parc des Félins - © M. Dupuis

In Paris, TENDUA received Doctor Serguey Naidenko, in charge of the Russian research program, and involved in the projects of the Russian Academy of Sciences on the Amur tiger.
We met with the people in charge of the Park of Big cats and those of the Jardin des plantes. The first stages of an ongoing co-operation were explored. We hope we can develop this cooperation, in particular on a program concerning Pallas’s cat or Manul, a small feline which lives in Mongolia and in the South of Siberia. We had recently shown you a photo, taken in the Park of Big cats.

We hope that Serguey Naidenko will visit us again this year.

February 24th 2010

Aquarev’, our sponsor, passed Tendua a cheque
In the foreground, Mr Brun and R. Sahuquet, founders of Aquarev ’ and their team, C. Michailesco and M. Dupuis of Tendua, and Didier Tran whom we thank for his photo of Dugong taken in Egypt and the information he collected. - © D. Tran

Scuba diver and client of Aquarev
Scuba diver and client of Aquarev’
© D. Tran

Aquarev’, our sponsor, passed Tendua a cheque, within the framework of our partnership: an euro passed to Tendua by each traveller hosted by Aquarev’, “to travel otherwise”.

Our first common project concerns Dugong dugong, an herbivorous marine mammal. TENDUA is interested in the Dugong that the divers meet in Marsa off the Egyptian coast of the Red Sea (El-Qoseir).

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